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feel free to adapt the text below:

North Carolina Public Schools:
 Every Child’s Chance… Every Community’s Future

Public schools are thriving. Though some find it fashionable to stand at a podium and declare otherwise, public education in North Carolina has successfully withstood the storms of change for 175 years.

Public schools are innovative. Dating back to the passing of the Common School Law in 1839 (establishing the first free public school in Rockingham County), public education has undergone a continuous renovation in format, curriculum, measurement and expectations. The one-room schoolhouse has morphed into cutting edge technological facilities with world-class tools and research-based strategies available to every child.

Public schools are essential to a growing economy. A capable workforce is fundamental to profitable commerce. Many companies have relocated their headquarters, factories and offices – along with their valuable employees – to North Carolina in recent years, largely due to the quality of public schools. Business leaders know it makes economic sense to pay relocation costs rather than recruit and train a new employee. However, employees only relocate when they are convinced their children will receive a great education. Fortunately for our state, companies and employees continue to make North Carolina their new home…a tribute to our healthy public schools.

Public schools serve everyone. No child is denied entrance and no family is turned away. Regardless of financial status, physical disabilities or community prominence, all students are welcome and all students are valued. Public schools provide buses and serve healthy meals. They partner with other agencies as needed in an effort to make every child successful. Children arrive at school with a tremendous range of home experience and family support. However, every child deserves a chance to flourish. It is the obligation of the community to provide that opportunity through the very best free public education.

Public schools are the foundation of a free republic. Therefore, urge your friends, business leaders and government leaders to support the success of our public schools for the next 175 years, so they can continue to be every child’s chance and every community’s future.

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A sample billboard design has also been provided for you to use. Many outdoor advertising agencies will work with you on reduced-cost or donated space for public service messaging.

Billboard | .eps File

Use your local print media to your advantage. You have many supporters in your school district. Engage them in telling your story – and the Letters to the Editor page of any local newspaper is a great place to share the successes they have personally experienced. Some samples have been included in this toolkit to get you started. Also, newspapers generally welcome a timely Op Ed piece from a Superintendent. The 175th anniversary of public schools in our state is a timely opportunity to share the history of schools in your district and how they are better than ever. Use the sample here for ideas and/or adapting to your locale.

Television and radio stations are required to provide a certain amount of air time to public service.