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Logo & Style Guide
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The new campaign logo is a statement of growth, strength and innovation, representing our state's district-led schools and their ability to sustain and nurture our children. To access the logo images below,

  • Click the thumbnails below to open each file.
  • Right click and  "Save Image As" to your computer

.png | screen resolution (72 dpi)


.jpg | print resolution (300 dpi)

.eps | high resolution (native design file)

NCASA encourages you to share your messaging with us so we can showcase your creative successes to inspire others. NCASA reserves the right to restrict/retract usage in messaging it deems inappropriate.

Style Guide for Logo Usage

The image should always be used with all components as illustrated, left. In text, the campaign should be written with capitalization as shown below. In documents, the logo should not be inserted and substituted as text in a paragraph

Approved use: NC Public Schools: Every Child's Chance... Every Community's Future (one line wherever possible)

As the campaign name is the logo, there is no need for both text and image to be used together. 

Our logo is one of our most recognizable and impactful resources. Always position the logo with plenty of room to breathe. This will help to ensure visibility and legibility. The minimum clear space for our logo is defined as the height of the letter N. 

When reproducing our logo, be conscious of its size and legibility. Use common sense – a signature that is too small ceases to serve any useful communication function. Be cautious about the legibility of the tagline in all cases. 

Please refrain from the following: 



The fonts used in the logo are:

  • Arial Rounded MT Bold (nc, schools)
  • Century Gothic Bold (public)
  • Gadugi Bold (tagline)

If you are interested in further branding your custom materials, we are eager to help you with anything we can. If at any time you need assistance with executing campaign graphics, please contact us at info@ncasa.net