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How are North Carolina public schools performing?

North Carolina's public schools are the only ones in the country that outscored the international average in fourth grade math. Our schools also outperform the nation in fourth and eighth grade math and are above the national average on the ACT college entrance exam. North Carolina leads the nation in the number of Early College public high schools, which offer tuition-free 2-year college degrees to thousands of our state's young people. Our state is ranked fourth in the country in the quality of our pre-kindergarten standards, and we have the second largest virtual high school in the nation. North Carolina public schools are doing an outstanding job of preparing our children to be successful in college and all careers. North Carolina public schools are every child's chance and every community's future.

Additionally, in 2012, for the first time in North Carolina's history, the four-year graduation rate reached 80.4% and continues to improve. The four-year graduation rate hit an all-time high in 2013 when it reached 82.5%. In the same year, the annual drop-out rate hit an all-time low of just 2.45%, an 18.6% decrease from the previous year's record 3.01%.

*Source: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

How good are North Carolina's public school teachers?

Traditional public schools require every teacher to be fully licensed and highly qualified. North Carolina accounts for nearly one-fifth of, and leads the nation in, the number of teachers who hold the profession's highest credential: certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

*Source: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

How are North Carolina public schools funded?

North Carolina school districts receive money from state, county, and federal governments, but the state government provides the vast majority of the funding. Most North Carolina districts receive about 60-70% of their operating expenses from the North Carolina State Legislature. The rest comes from county and federal sources. Though primarily funded by the state, North Carolina public schools are primarily governed through local school boards.

Who Attends Public Schools?

According to Section 15 of the North Carolina State Constitution, "The people have a right to the privilege of education, and it is the duty of the State to guard and maintain that right." North Carolina's traditional public schools educate nearly 90% of our state's children and have produced thousands of outstanding leaders in every field. North Carolina public schools have educated astronauts, military generals, including a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and even a Nobel Prize winner. North Carolina public schools have educated Fortune 500 executives, U.S. Cabinet members, State Supreme Court Justices, and thousands of doctors, attorneys, nurses, playwrights, entertainers, civil rights leaders, and more. North Carolina public schools are every child's chance and every community's future.

*Sources: North Carolina State Board of Education, Wikipedia, Office of the NC Secretary of State

Talking Points

One of the critical elements of the "The Every Child’s Chance. . . Every Community’s Future initiative" campaign is to respond to the "our schools are broken" mantra. The PowerPoint presentation linked below is designed to help you communicate the campaign message to any audience. Please contact us if you have any questions – we'd be glad to help you develop resources that work for your school/district.


Campaign Talking Points