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Every Child's Chance NC Toolkit 

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It starts with your support:

North Carolina’s first public school opened 175 years ago on January 20, 1840, in the Williamsburg Community of Rockingham County. NCASA is proud to celebrate the 175th anniversary by launching this statewide media campaign designed to build appreciation of and support for public education.

The 175th Anniversary Celebration on March 19 was an inspiring kickoff for our statewide public schools campaign, but the lasting impact will be made through local initiatives that work to continue to celebrate and support public schools at the local level. 

"In Asheville City Schools, we will be planting our dogwood seedling at a special event on June 15th on the construction site of our new middle school.  Just this week, that little seedling that Superintendent Baldwin picked up on March 20 in Raleigh sprouted leaves (we have watered it sparingly these past eight weeks!). Wow, we can’t begin to tell you how symbolic that new growth is!

Dogwood seedling at Asheville City Schools

So let me encourage each of you to help put some ‘new life’ in the "Every Child’s Chance... Every Community’s Future" campaign. Do it for the children!  Help us grow North Carolina public schools that are stronger than ever.

  • Develop an “I am North Carolina Public Schools” campaign featuring local dignitaries and personalities like the highly successful statewide “I AM” campaign
  • Research the history of your own school or school district and plan to celebrate any upcoming anniversaries
  • Plant your dogwood seedling at your school or office in honor of the 175th anniversary of NC public schools
  • Take advantage of the terrific resources available on the campaign website:"

- Charlie Glazener, Public Information Officer, Asheville City Schools

The "Every Child’s Chance... Every Community’s Future" campaign resolves to:

  • Create an understanding of how public education supports the financial health and quality of life in North Carolina;
  • Defeat the myth that "public schools are broken;"
  • Instill the conviction that traditional public schools are an outstanding resource for North Carolina students and families.

That is why, in 2015, it’s time for North Carolina public schools to step up and tell the stories of how our teachers and schools are changing lives, how our public schools are enjoying great success in preparing our students for the future, and why public schools are foundational to the future of our communities and our state.

"Our stories must be told or the voice of the detractors will be the only voice that is heard – and believed!"

Start the conversation – public education has a lot to be proud of. Let our stories of success resonate across the state!

This campaign was created by the NC Association of School Administrators (NCASA) and the NC School Public Relations Association (NCSPRA), and includes tools and resources that public schools, school districts, parents, civic groups, businesses and community partners can use to increase support for public schools in their community.

If you are not a public school or district employee but are interested in supporting public schools, you can become a Campaign Partner. As of now, more than 45 organizations are partnering with the statewide campaign, providing momentum to build a stronger base of support for public schools.  If you would like to be a campaign partner, download this resolution of support and send to or call 919-828-1426 for more information.

Schools and partners alike can visit the campaign website,, where you will find a wealth of ideas and information for bringing the campaign to life in your community. There is an extensive customizable campaign toolkit available to you on the Every Child Chance... District Toolkit page